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When you think about travelling to a place which is pocket friendly yet fun there are quite a few wonderful cities in the the snow laden, mystic and peaceful land of the the European Continent. Be the people or the prices, just everything about Europe, makes you happy and content as you go about exploring the nooks and corners of the multitude of famous tourist cities that it has. So, here we are, with a list of the cheapest tourist spots in Europe that will leave you with an unforgettable experience along with being budget friendly:

Krakow, Poland

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Poland’s second city is skyrocketing when it boils down to the popularity graphs.Be it the amazing authentic European food, the never sleeping night scenes, its rich and incredible history, everything about Krakow just leaves you spellbound. The city is the ideal destination for history maniacs all graced by its legendary Wawel Castle,  the famous salt mines or the nearby countryside in Auschwitz. With cafes and restaurants all lined up in the city, Krakow takes the amount of hospitality and warmth to another levels.
The ‘Royal Route’ from the Old Town centre to Wawel Hill topped with its unique architecture, Gothic churches, royal residencies and Europe’s largest market square are surely a thing never to miss.

  • Currency: Polish Zlotych
  • Best cheap hostel: Pillows Party Hostel – 28.40/night
  • Transportation: 5.60
  • Meals: 24.00
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 24.00
  • Attractions: 16.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: PLN98.00 = US$27.68/day


Belgrade, Serbia

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Belgrade would definitely be Serbia’s, party-loving capital where the clubs and party spots are buzzing with energy levels every night of the week. The city is a lovely place to be in during the summers, with the Sava river glistening right from the morning. Famous places include Skadarlija, the city’s picturesque town, where cobbled streets host traditional Serbian cafes, local artists and street performers. Belgrade’s rich variety of museums spanning through it, offer deep insights into its  history.
Belgrade Beer Fest, is one of Serbia’s most popular festivals held in the month of August. The Temple of Saint Sava is the second largest Orthodox church in the world and is a must see spot in the city.

  • Currency: Serbian Dinar (prices below are in euros)
  • Best cheap hostel: Hostel Inn Downtown – 4.97/night
  • Transportation: 1.50
  • Meals: 9.60
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 4.50
  • Attractions: 3.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: €23.57 = US$28.06/day


Tallinn, Estonia

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Tallinn is a small city that blossoms with slow paced of lives. It’s majestic and wonderful to get lost amongst its Medieval streets, and enjoy the rich food of Tallinn. What’s even more magical about the city is that it has bastion tunnels that run beneath the city and are believed by the residents of Tallinn to be haunted by spirits!
The Telliskivi Creative City is a complex of abandoned warehouses has been transformed in to the hub of all things modern and creative, hosting everything from flea markets to independent theatre productions.

  • Currency: euro
  • Best cheap hostel: Old Town Alur Hostel – 11.00/night
  • Transportation: 2.00
  • Meals: 14.40/li>
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 9.00
  • Attractions: 6.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: €42.40 = US$50.48/day


Lisbon, Portugal

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Being the cheapest city in Western Europe, it’s hard to miss Lisbon while talking about the most pocket friendly yet enjoyable places to travel in Europe. The rustic streets of Alfama here are sure to  give you a nostalgic trip down the deep and rich history of the city.
The ‘Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardines’, a shop stroke museum depicts how much Lisbon loves the sardines, in here is a sardine throne, a sardine ferris wheel, and a lot of goodies relating to the sardines as well.

  • Currency: euro
  • Best cheap hostel: Urban Garden Hostel – 12.86/night
  • Transportation: 2.80
  • Meals: 16.80
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 9.00
  • Attractions: 8.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: €49.46 = US$58.88/day


Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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The cheap cost of living here means that it’s starting to attract backpackers from across the globe. Sarajevo is a plate full of fusion of cultures with a mixture of Balkan and Turkish influences all over it. The best part here is the unique variety of the shopping bazaars and the delicacies served in the Old Town’s many restaurants. Adding to the attractions are the newly reopened cable cars to the top of Mount Trebević for unmissable views.
The city also has a deep history behind the famous spot where the assassination of Franz Ferdinand took place.

  • Currency: Converted Mark (fixed, so prices below are in euros)
  • Best cheap hostel: Travellers Home Hostel – 7.95/night
  • Transportation: 3.60
  • Meals: 9.60
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 3.75
  • Attractions: 4.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: €28.90 = US$34.40/day


Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev offers one a plentiful of activities and adventures to do, but  the biggest attraction for tourists to visit Kiev is the fascinating opportunity to visit Chernobyl and see where one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters took place back in the 1800s. One must visit the baroque style St Andrew’s Church here, one of Ukraine’s most famous landmarks, where one might even spot a traditional Ukrainian wedding taking place.

  • Currency: Ukraine Hryvnia
  • Best cheap hostel: ZigZag Hostel – 150/night
  • Transportation: 10.00
  • Meals: 432.00
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 90.00
  • Attractions: 15.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: UHR697.00 = US$25.04/day


Budapest, Hungary

Pic : Guardian Holidays

The city is quite famous for the iconic thermal baths that are said to have healing powers; followed by a warm goulash with heaps of bread – not only delicious but easy on the wallet too! Along with this are many other tasty dishes in plenty of cheap restaurants in Budapest.
Leisure things to do here are a hike to the top of Castle Hill for incredible views of the city on either side of the Danube river. And exploring the beautiful gardens of Buda Castle which are open to tourists all year round.

  • Currency: Hungary Forint
  • Best cheap hostel: Sziget City Hostel – 2,234/night
  • Transportation: 700
  • Meals: 3120
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 1050
  • Attractions: 1800
  • Daily Backpacker Index: HUF8,904 = US$33.86/day


Riga, Latvia

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Referred to as the stag party capital of Europe, Riga is also very popular for its  Central Market, the largest market in Europe, set in the beautiful and photogenic Centrs neighbourhood, home of art nouveau buildings, adorable cafes and boutique shopping.
In this city, one must go through Riga’s beautiful and green Kronvalda Park and take a long and relaxing  stroll along the canal that runs through the middle or even try roller skating down one of the park’s skate lanes!

  • Currency: Euro
  • Best cheap hostel: Central Hostel Riga – 6.50/night
  • Transportation: 2.30
  • Meals: 12.00
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 6.00
  • Attractions: 3.00
  • Daily Backpacker Index: €29.80 = US$34.40/day

With that being said, we hope the next time, you’re looking for a wonderful, easy in the pocket, and memorable trip, these cities from Europe are at the top of your list!

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