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First lets start with why ? Europe is not just a continent rather a dream destination. Its an amalgamation of history, literature, art, science, culture, languages, food, fashion so on and so forth.It has immense to offer to all. We see it as one but actually, it is made up of  50 sovereign states. Each state is different from other in all aspect. we call it “Diversity and unity”. Some of the major countries of Europe post BREXIT are France, Germany, Switzerland etc.

You would glad to know Europe has world’s most heritage sites if we consider England to be part of it. Let’s understand the same by some data below.


Europe also receives the highest number of inbound tourist without surprise in 2016. Why not? It has it all for everyone. Eiffel tower, Jungfrau, etc. Let’s see some data for the number of tourists came to Europe.


Europe travel is full of surprises and experiences. one who loves to explore and enjoy to learn about new people, language, architecture, food etc will surely fall in love with the continent. But it’s an expensive destination in all aspects and one needs to be very cautious while selecting the time, hotel, days, countries so on so forth.

To help our readers and students to find the various itineraries of Europe which they can book and enjoy. we will also review each itinerary based on  Type & Countries. Remember Europe is so diverse it’s really difficult to review it all but we will try our best to find the best travel itineraries available in Indian market.


Europe can be divided into majorly into 3 parts based on the trend in the Indian Market.


Central Europe – Germany, Swiss, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Italy & France.

India customer first preference is for the Central Europe due to obvious reasons, Indian are very emotional and love following there friends and family advise. Although that’s not an only reason also these countries offer a plethora of sightseeing and yes, Indian movies are majorly shot in these countries to name few DDLJ & Krish 3.

Some famous sightseeing: La Tour Eiffel, Jungfrau, Mt.Titlus, Cheese Farm, Windmills, Park Asterix & Disneyland.


South– Spain & Portugal.

Spain and Portugal are kindly of destinations which is last or very very first on Indian tourist bucket list. It’s a destination which requires least min stay of 8 N /9 D due to various factors. The destination is quite famous among the youngsters & oldies. Some of the major attractions are out famous in India namely Bull fight & le Tomatino festival.The destination gained popularity after the famous Indian movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Doodara”

Some famous Sightseeing: Montserrat Monastery, Montserrat Royal Basilica & Sagrada Familia.


Eastern – Hungry, Slovakia,Romania,Bulgaria,Latvia,Belarus,Poland,Serbia & Czechia.

Eastern Europe is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe, there are lots of beautiful cathedrals, palaces & squares to visit. Visit  Eastern Europe and I am sure it will be complete ”paisa vasule ‘trip ??? Confused. let me help you.Eastern Europe is cost effective as compared to other parts of the Europe. I highly suggest if you are a bit short on a budget always go ahead ana d plan trip for Eastern Europe.

Some famous Sightseeing: Uvac Valley, Moravian Karst & Brasov


I will share the itineraries available in Indian Market based on Group tour & Tailormade tours.

This will help you to chose it keeping in mind the pace, type, food, hotels etc.


Group Tour Itineraries For Swiss & Paris






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