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Singapore is one of the most expensive destinations in South East Asia. Its lodging cost is very high but yet it is quite popular among Indian tourists. Indians love visiting Singapore with family and friends. Why not? It offers a plethora of experiences and sightseeing and one of the most tourist-friendly countries in South East Asia. But to make it more value for money proposition for you, we gonna share our experience which will help you understand  how expensive is  Singapore .

So if you are traveling to Singapore get started to understand how expensive is Singapore and how much you are expected to spend on various things in Singapore.


Let’s get started and understand the cost 



If you are a Indian then , it’s a good new for you. Indian food is easily available everywhere in Singapore but we would recommend you to visit LITTLE  INDIA . Here you will find plethora of South Indian south and North Indian food  restaurants.


South Indian

If you are planning to enjoy south India food , You have to spend from 2 – 3 Singapore Dollars . Pick any dish ( 1 serving ) from the below mentioned list.

1 SGD = 52

  • Masala Dosa
  • Plain Dosa
  • Idaly
  • Vada 
  • Uthpam 
  • Lemmon rice
  • Curd Rice
  • Biryani ( Veg)
  • Puri Allo ( Veg)
  • Parotha Korma

North Indian Main Course

If you are planning to have North Indian food you have to spend bit more . You can pick any dish ( Serves 2) in price range of 10 – 15 Singapore Dollars.

1 SGD = 52

  • Butter Chicken 
  • Chicken Curry 
  • Shahi Panner
  • Kadhai Panner 
  • Mutton Rogan 
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Dal Makhani
  • Yellow Dal
  • Paneer Butter Masala
  • Chicken Zafrani

Breads & Rice

For North Indian dishes , breads are mandatory. We have listed the average rate below for your understanding. The price ranges from 2.5 Singapore Dollars to 7 Singapore Dollars per serving.

1 SGD = 52

  • Plain Roti 
  • Butter Roti
  • Plain Nan
  • Butter Nan
  • Panner Naan 
  • Chicken Naan

If on budget trip not recommended .


1 SGD = 52


Water is the most imperitive need for any traveler , so always refill it from the hotel before leaving . If you have not done it then no problem ,everywhere in Singapore like – Universal , Sentosa, Gardenby Bay , Harbour front or Zoo you get clean drinking water for free !

But if you intend to buy it will cost you 2- 3 Singapore Dollars per 1 ltr or 2 Ltr depends from where you by it. try to buy it  at seven eleven or any local store .


Coffee is one drink which is loved by all and it’s all season drink. People love hot chocolate in winters and cold coffee in summers the most. So let’s  understand the cost. It can be in any range between 2.5 SGD – 15 SGD depending from where you buy. A coffee at Harbor front will cost you a lot. We would recommend you to buy it from SEVEN ELEVEN STORE in price range of 2-3 SGD.


Cold Drink

Pepsi and Coca Cola is the most popular drink among all age of people. It’s acceptability is across the globe and same is the case with Singapore . Cola & Pepsi  are cheap and tastes great as always. It cost around 3 SGD per can 250 ML and 2.75 – 3.25 SGD per pet bottle for 500 ML.



Singapore has one the most developed public transportation system in the world. It offer modern options such as metro , tram, fully automatic buses and river boats.


1 SGD = 52



Singapore offer direct rail connectivity from airport to city centre and all popular sightseeing are connected to the city centre as well. One way journey cost around 2 – 10 SGD depending upon the distance.


Cabs are expensive in Singapore. Government promotes public transport use among the locals. You will find locals mostly use buses and metro train. This is a guarantees claen air in Singapore. A Cab will cost you around 2- 3 SGD per kilometer.



They are one of the cheapest way of commuting in Singapore. You will find locals love traveling via buses rather than cabs. Buses are commonly used by locals for travelling even to Malaysia. So if you are travelling to Malaysia and Singapore try using bus . Cost which you have to shell using bus it around 1 – 7 SGD depending on the distance.


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So if you are planning to Visit Singapore then i am sure this article will help you plan your budget. If you want further info then write to us on


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