Courtesy : www.adventurenation.com
Courtesy : www.adventurenation.com

Karnataka’s forest department will soon issue a green passport for trekkers. Similar to how the entire concept of a passport works, each time you complete a trek, your green passport will get a stamp acknowledging the completion of that particular trail.

Each passport will have a unique number assigned to it. Adding more to the excitement, once you complete the entire trail, a certificate of activity will be awarded to you by the forest department. Green passports along with guidelines for a legal trekking system hopes to be a good idea to stop illegal trekking.

The department will be launching its guided tour programme, which will include some of the best eco-trails around Bengaluru.Vinay Luthra, who is the chairman of Karnataka Eco-Tourism Development Board (KEDB), aims to encourage youngsters to explore nature & put an end to illegal trekking. Savandurga forests in Magadi, hillocks around Nandi Hills of Chikkaballapura and Timlapura forest stretch in Tumakuru will be a part of the trekking route.

The fees will go around Rs 500 to 1000/- for any eco trekker to enjoy a peaceful & adventurous trekking time over the hills of Bengaluru.

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