Tips for Perfect Itinerary

An itinerary is a heart of any travel plan and backed by the perfect selection of the same, make your vacation ” A perfect One”. So we should always plan it with great precision. To get the best of your itinerary, I am going to share some of the tips you should always remember.

A tip is an advice which one gives based on his knowledge or exposure, so I am sure you will pick it all. Before I go ahead, we must understand the reason of travel clearly and then plan everything. So now let’s get started.

Tips for your Itinerary:

  • The reason for travel should be clear :
  • Always plan your itinerary well in advance:
  • Keep the pace of itinerary always in mind.
  • Never try to cover it all in one go.
  • Always plan an itinerary which can save air travel cost.
  • Keep stopover for a day if not short on time.
  • Plan it keeping cost in mind per day basis.
  • Add the must be seen sightseeing.
  • Adding a surprise to the itinerary for co-traveler.


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