Types of Airlines

An Air India Airbus A320neo plane takes off in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, December 13, 2017. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau - RC1EDC9E2840


Airlines is one of the most important means of transportation in holiday business be it domestic travel or international travel . Passengers now prefer to take Flights in India over Indian railways due to service and competitive pricing. They have been successful in positioning themselves as better option than railways , which is known as tradition mans of transportation in Indian sub-continent. India’s being world 6th largest economy and worlds second most populous economy offers lucrative opportunity for many airlines around the world but due to non ease to do business in India still may fails to invest in this sector.There are around 5000 Airlines with IATA code across the world connecting nations and cities.

Let’s understand the different types of Airlines :

  1. Low cost Carriers : Also known as LCC carriers are those airlines which operate with minimum services on board and offer customers to book flight in rock bottom prices. They target those who are ok to travel with less services but low cost. Mostly middle class are  the biggest market for the LCC airlines in India although now people from rural areas are also flying on air in hour of need or due to poor connection or time taken to reach the destination.

                  An Interglobe Aviation (Indigo) aircraft. Photo: IANS


         What you will miss in LCC airlines. 

         a) Meals are excluded in the cost.

         b) Seat selection is on chargeable basis.

         c) Air plane size is small.

         e) Leg space is less.

         f) No option of premium economy or Business Class.

         g) No Aerobrige service.

         h) No in flight entertainment.

         i) No Hard drinks.

         j) No Blanket.

         LCC airlines operating in India.

         a) Indigo.

         b) Spicejet.

         c) Go-Air.

         d) Costa -Air.

         e) Air Asia

         f) Air IndiaExpress.

        g) Trujet.


2.Full Fledged Carriers : Also know as FFC  , these airlines offers plethora of services to there   passengers in  the cost of ticket. Mostly upper middle class or  affluent class opt for the these airlines. FFC have strong base of   loyal  customers who travel with them due to service and offering with provide. They have generally 3 class of   ticket namely economy class, premium class and business class.

      Offering in FFC.

         a) Meals are included in the cost.

         b) Seat selection is not on chargeable basis.

         c) Air plane size is big.

         e) Leg space is more.

         f) Option of premium economy or Business Class.

         g) Aerobrige service.

         h) In flight entertainment.

         i) Hard drinks.

         j) Blanket.


         FFC carriers in India.

         1) Air India.

         2) Jet Airways

         3) Vistara.

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