Types of Travel Packages

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Travel is common nowadays but selecting the correct type of tour is the biggest challenge.

People in India prefer to get the value for money they pay.

As a travel industry professional, I have come across many incidents when prospects make a wrong choice either themselves or by the wrong advice of the travel agent and book a tour which might look perfect on the pocket and other inclusions but trust me not handcrafted for the prospect.

By this time prospect has already booked tour and their hard earned money is at stake and nothing much can be done !!!!!!

So let’s understand the basics of booking travel package before it’s too late this time.

Types of Travel packages :

Travel packages are broadly divided into 2 types and further can be diversified based on particular service added to it. So let’s get started and understand it.

FIT (Free individual Tour): This is the most common type of travel package available in the market and offered by all travel agents.It offers many benefits to the passenger and makes sure, the same is offered what is desired. In other words, it’s handcrafted for you and your special one. Tailor-made vacation is best suited for those wants to enjoy the holiday as a leisure vacation.

It offers FIT passenger flexibility to choose best for his vacation and select each component with great precision.FIT Passenger wants to enjoy his flight with all services and wishes to relax in Hotel & indulge in recreational activities.Generally, they opt for modified American meal plan and choose comfortable ride for airport transfers and sightseeing.

Free Individual Tour Tourist Looks For :

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Leisure
  • Relaxation
  • Recreation
  • Adventure


Characteristics of Free Individual Tour :

  • Tailor-made
  • Dynamic in Nature
  • Comfortable/Hectic
  • Perfect for all
  • Offer Flexibility
  • No Boundations

Inclusions of Free Individual Tour :

  • Hotel
  • Flights
  • Breakfast
  • Car
  • Sightseeing
  • Visa
  • Cruises
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Ferry

Cons of Free Individual Tour :

  • Bit Expensive


Free Individual Tour best suited for:

  • Family
  • Honeymooners
  • Couple
  • Senior Citizen

Companies offering Customized Holiday In India:

Riya Holidays                  :             www.Riya.travel

Makemytrip.com           :             www.makemytrip.com

CoxandKings                    :           www.Coxandkings.com


One who is looking for complete flexibility should always book Free individual tour (FIT/Tailor made). It is highly recommended for honeymooners.

In India, 70% of the tourist prefer FIT holiday over GIT.


Eg: Booking a Honeymoon Trip to Europe on a Group Tour, it is a big mistake.

(GIT)Group Inclusive Tour: In a group tour people travel together on the same itinerary crafted by the travel company on which all agree. It is an all-inclusive tour. The passengers in this tour look forward to traveling as much as possible in the minimum time available.These tours are cost effective and offer great value for your money.

Group Inclusive Tourist Looks For :

  • Value for Money
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • All-inclusive
  • Tour Manager
  • Home Country Food
  • Local Language support in foreign land
  • Functional Hotels
  • More sightseeing
  • Cover as much as possible


Characteristics of Group Inclusive Tour :

  • Readymade Tour
  • Not flexible
  • Pre-fixed departure dates
  • Pre-Fixed Hotels
  • Pre-Fixed Meals
  • Pre-Fixed Flights
  • No changes permitted
  • Need To follow the tour strictly
  • Adhere to time



  • Not Flexible


Group Inclusive Tour best suited for:

  • Social Groups
  • Family
  • Senior Citizens
  • Couples

Companies offering Group Holiday In India:

Makemytrip.com           :             www.makemytrip.com

CoxandKings                  :            www.Coxandkings.com

SOTC                                :            www.Sotc.in


Best suited for senior citizens & couples who wish to see more and leisure is not on their list. Selection of correct tour will lead to the perfect itinerary.


GIT Tour is the best choice if looking for holiday in Europe& United States *(Not Applicable for Honeymooners)


Eg: Booking a Trip to Europe on a Group Tour for your parents is a good decision but before it, one needs to understand the characteristics of the Tours, to book one.

The reason for GIT being Cost Effective :

Travel companies do the contacting with the Ground handling company and airlines at least 10 months in advance and get a good deal from them but for it, they need to block huge fund with the service providers. GIT series is a complete liability on the company and they keep on running offers and deals to keep the sales on high. Generally, GIT series is launched in OCT for next year summer.


Both the tours have their own pro’s and con’s and one needs to understand it before booking any trip.

Group offers great value but can’t offer leisure whereas a FIT trip is handcrafted as per your request.Always see the need and interest of yours before booking a trip.

Services FIT GIT
Choice of Hotel Flexible Fixed
Choice of Flight Flexible Fixed
Choice of Meal Flexible Fixed
Choice of Sightseeing Flexible Fixed
Travel Date Flexible Fixed
Tour Manager Optional Yes
Cost Expensive Cost Effective
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