Courtesy : www.Youtube.com
Courtesy : www.Youtube.com


1.Ladies’ Market

The Ladies’ Market is one of the most popular street market in Hong Kong. It is the best place to shop for unique souvenirs, imitation fashion goods, and quirky accessories. And while the market itself does not sell any food items, its surrounding area is filled with some the best restaurants and eateries, so you can fill your tummy after a great day of shopping!

2. Temple Street Market

It is a night bazaar filled with stalls selling jade ornaments, tea ware, and antique trinkets. You’re gonna have a great time shopping here in this night market  with a sense of joy in the air.  Temple Street Night Market has been featured as the backdrop for many Hong Kong dramas and movies due to its cultural settings.

3. Jade Street Market

The jade market offers a wide range of jade ornaments with varying patterns, colours and styles. Jade Street is filled with numerous jade stores peddling the precious stone emphasizing  the cultural society of China.

4.Stanley Market

This market  is a hub of  art and crafts, faux-antiques, calligraphy paintings and plenty of other souvenirs to take home. If you’re a fan of art work, you must visit this place for a great shopping deal.

5.Jardine’s Crescent Market

It has got all kinds of  fashion collections appealing to Hong Kong’s teens and young adults. This market is famous for cheap trending designs when it comes to clothing & fashion.

6.Cat Street Market

Cat street market is a place where you could find Art and homeware souvenirs, anything from Chinese pottery, to Buddhist images, kitsch ornaments, and plenty of silk and jade items. The name is a reference to the many stolen goods that used to pass through this street in the 19th century. Stolen goods were commonly called ‘rat goods’ and the people who bought them were called ‘cats’.

7.Apliu Market

It is the place to come for cheap, second-hand and new electronics in Hong Kong. It includes  phones, TVs, computers, tablets, radios, stereos, DVDs and electrical household items. Shops sells numerous kinds of gadgets,  stalls some sell cheap clothing items, watches, accessories and antiques as well.

8.Fa Yuen Street Market- (Sneakers Market),

It is commonly called as the sneaker street known for best sports shoes & sneakers. It has got variety of sports stuff  with lots of fashion items, watches, bags and accessories.

9.Tai Yuen Street Market- (Toy Market)

This market is a place for buying the best toys available around the city.  What are you looking for ? It has got it all. From Barbie dolls to Lego bricks and board games. The stores have toys for kids to teenagers, just the right stuff what they want.

10.Dried Seafood Market

A street with a rich history, was dominated by simple salted fish stalls. It is a hub of high-end stores selling dried abalone, scallop and sea cucumber. Name the seafood, and you have it here.

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