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Planning to start a new venture in the travel industry but fretting about the investment and competition from the other top notch players? Surely, the field is full of tough and hefty competitors in the travel and tourism industry. With new innovations, technologies and well defined strategies sprouting up each passing day, it’s only getting tighter and harder. Well, worry not, because, here we bring to you, 10 low budget marketing ideas for travel start-up to help you and your start up make its mark in the industry.



Undoubtedly, when it comes to creating your own spot in the market, nothing else, but your contacts and connections would eventually turn out to the number 1 factor in boosting your start up’s growth and popularity. Shut your pockets before spending a good amount on PR Agencies, because in today’s digital era, things are just a click away from you. Websites like Hubspot and Anewstip can be very effective guides to help you write your professional press release and find journalists to send your pitch too.



A perfect trick to ease out your burden of marketing is to create such a system that lets your customers do the marketing on your behalf, because at the end of the day, people are much more enticed to explore when something is referred to them by kith and kin. The added benefit is that Referral programs are almost cost less. A strategy being adopted by many start ups already is to offer customers some cash discount on their subscription or the product or some other perk if they refer it to a new customer.



The easiest and most sought after avenue today, create a website for your start up! Living in the tech savvy world of today, launching a new website is definitely a sure to work plan for you, and is no big of a deal to create. You can get started with the website on your own which will practically cost you nothing.



After you get done with your website, the foremost thing that comes is to start uploading blogs to it. Blogging has emerged as the most ideal platform to furbish your products to the readers in an alluring and cheap way.



According to a social media management platform, 30% milennials engage with a brand on social media at least once a month. This marketing channel is one which you obviously can’t forget about. Low cost, easy, but offering a huge and wide reach. Go with ‘quality over quantity’ and with the potential that this channel has to give, reap it to the fullest and expand your customer base.



Infographics are truly very powerful tools for marketing far and wide. These aren’t just visual eye candies but also people love sharing them, so they are a great way to boost referral traffic and links.



You might have to spend a bit on this, buf, believe us, the number of participants and new potential leads you get will be worth every single penny spent. .



Pairing up with a business related to the same industry you work in for a joint project. This can be done locally offline or through some event or online through a webinar or promotional give away.  Doing this would introduce you to a whole new audience related to your niche.



This strategy which emphasizes creativity over everything else is very cheap and easy to implement, especially when localized. Broadcast your Twitter or LinkedIn handle with tonnes of invention you’re able to come up with. No need of a big budget but yet, a huge base develops in just a short matter of time.



Most industries have business awards, which you can apply for suiting yours. If you do get on the top of the pack, winning such accreditations and felicitations would add to your start up’s credibility and as a result drive up your sales.

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