Monte Napoleone

It is widely considered the most exclusive and luxurious shopping street across the globe. It is home to boutiques and stores stocked with designer items. You’ll find the pieces from renowned brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada and D&G. These are all Italian based brands famous all over the world, expensive but worth your money.Just walk around the street, and you’ll grab on some great designer clothing, fine Italian shoes and luxury accessories from Italian and international brands. It’s a great hotspot for shopping.

Via della Spiga

Via della Spiga is a popular shopping street in Quadrilatero della Moda. It is a hub to high-end boutiques and shops. Buy your heart’s desire and intersperse it all with breaks at trendy cafes. It has delicious fresh produce, some trendy fashion stalls, and a happy welcoming atmosphere. You can find all kinds of designer wear from brands like Cavalli, D&G and Armani.You’ll find amazing collections and art pieces such as stamps, coins, toys, and cards. If you’re looking for home decor goods, it is the right place for you to shop. Enjoy the shopping and have a great time around the market streets.

Corso Buenos Aires

Corso Buenos Aires is the hub for high street purchases. If you’re looking forward to upgrade your fashion style, come here & shop. You won’t be disappointed surely. There are boutiques selling goods from brands like Zara, H&M and Nike. It’s a market with endless shops and outlets, many of which are housed in gorgeous 19th and 20th century style buildings. Explore the Streets and shop unique fashion buys.To take a break from shopping, you can stop to enjoy delicious Italian food. You can buy great fresh food and some of the best quality fashion at discount prices. Love it or hate it, it’s one of the best places to ship from. So why not? Go and shop your heart out

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II is a wonderful place because you can find great buys at cheap prices. It’s a place where you  High street and mid-range brands jostle for space so that you have your pick of choices from famous brand names like Mango and Zara.The lively street is lined up with stalls, cafes and gelato parlors. You’ll also find La Rinascente, a huge Milano shopping mall filled with household items, clothing and accessories. You can find beautiful collection of  clothing, footwear and accessories from unique stores.

Via Dante

Elegant Via Dante is known for its beautiful buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. On the contrary, it has a selection of upscale shops that you’ll want to explore. If you’re a fashion lover, you’d love to buy latest fashion trends and styles from in here. The market street has a mix of  chain stores and gift shops. You’ll find food spots to eat, restaurants and bars to try variety of delicious cusines. This place is best to buy antique Italian souvenirs and home décor items. Art pieces like paintings, stone showpieces and decor items are the highlights of the market

Via Torino

Via Torino is one of the oldest markets, still has a huge number of trendy shops with beautiful items on sale. Toueists and locals visit this market  to shop for clotheswear and accessories at bargain prices. You can also find shops & boutiques selling cosmetics, home décor and furniture. Just go around the streets & explore the antiques & modest styled items to decorate your home. Shop here and live your shopping experience in its best form.

Via Brera

Brera market is a paradise to shop fine jewelry, antiques and art. You can also find boutiques selling designer wear. Like many of Milan’s shopping districts, bistros and bars provide a welcome escape when you feel like you’re all shopped out. It also has a shop Olfattorio Bar à Parfums, where you can personalize your fragrance, and Pinacoteca di Brera, a public gallery of Italian paintings.You’ll find some interesting vintage pieces, and antiques which will thrive your hearts and you won’t be able to resist them. It’s a synonym for a art world where you can shop everything when it comes to home secure & art works.


DMAG, an outlet which is one of the city’s most popular stores. It has several outlets scattered in the city with almost 3,000 national and international brands. It’s a little expensive, but you can afford styles after a fair discount. It’s a great place to find designer wear from brand names such as Givenchy, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent.It’s a market specifically for fashion lovers. This unique market sells  pieces of clothing from all famous Italian designers. So, shop it out all.It has lovely cafes and restaurants to stop to fill your empty tummies with delicious food items.

Fiera di Sinigaglia

It may not be the most elegant but if you’re hoping to go shopping in  Italy for cheap, Fiera di Sinigaglia can save you a penny. You can find anything here and that’s no exaggeration! Jewelry, used clothes, out-of-print books and collectors’ items are everywhere you look.When you’re not shopping, you can head to one of the many food stalls and grab a snack.  It’s been around since the 19th century and is the oldest such market in the city. It’s open every Saturday. You can find everything here from clothing, old records and books to art and souvenirs.

Cormano Flea Market

It’s one of the Europe’s largest flea markets and is stocked with pottery, household goods, books and furniture. You can also find first copies or imitations of famous high end brands. Te market, Cormano has long been known for its silk industry and there are some exquisite fabrics to be found.This flea market has everything, including unique South American and North African crafts. The market is a place where the locals head for cheap quality food, clothing, textiles, Silk, pottery and household items. Explore the market and you’d be amazed.

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