9 Mistakes you can avoid while booking a flight online

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9 Things to remember while booking flight in Travel start-up

Travel has become a part of everyone’s life in metros across the globe and to some, it’s an imperative need. In the age of internet & smartphones and new startup ecosystem thriving in India Travellers are becoming smart, mature and bold with every travel/Air Ticket booking they make online with OTA’s,But There are few things which a traveler or a start-up entrepreneur should always remember while making travel/Air Ticket reservations for himself or Client. Because these mistakes can cost you too much then you expect.

1)Name as per ID proof: All reservations should be made as per the name on the ID proof only, any mistake made can make your booking void. Therefore without checking the ID proof never make the Air ticket reservation/ Travel reservation. In India for domestic travel Adhaar card, Pan card, Driving license & passport are the ID proof considered and for international travel, the passport is the only document considered. Let’s understand by an example.

E.g: Jawed Sharma books his ticket online for Bangkok and by mistake, he has booked by the name of Javed Sharma in this case passenger will be stopped at the airport and will not be allowed to board the Flight. Therefore always book the ticket with the correct name only.

2)Expiry Date: If you are traveling abroad make sure you always check the expiry date and visa norms before you rush in to grab the cheap airfare. You cannot travel on the expired passport and might need to renew it. This mistake can cost you an entire trip and spoil your reunion plans.

3)Remark by Regional passport office: In most of the cases citizens get the passport without any remark by the PRO but some get with it on the last page of the passport, therefore always check your passport before any issuance of Air ticket. You might need to go through certain government process before you can fly.

4)Cancellation Policy: With cut throat completion in the Indian travel market and demand increasing year on year, all the core service providers offer attractive discounts all over the year. Companies offer air ticket at rock bottom prices with 100% non-refundable fares, to keep your money safe do not book without checking the cancellation policy and end up losing money because if the travel is canceled or changed it will cost you the entire flight fare rather you can opt for zero cancellation offer provided by the OTA’s by paying nominal amount or book fares which are refundable.

9 Things to remember while booking flight in Travel start-up

5)Baggage Policies: Low-cost Airlines nowadays have started offering no check-in luggage fares, which are comparatively cheap than with luggage option. This is done to cater to need of business traveler or one traveling on short duration. Therefore you must be careful while booking an Air ticket and should check the luggage allowance on board before booking.

6)In-flight experience: Indian traveler loves the offering which is rock bottom by price and sky high in service and airlines understand the same, they offers the plethora of in-flight offerings for the travelers both on domestic and international sectors. So before you book, your next air tickets do check the in-flight offering to make your vacation more worth remembering.

7)Partner Airlines: Long Haul travel requires the use of multiple airlines carriers and it is imperative to book on partner airlines(Code Share).Let’s understand why? If you are traveling on codeshare airline and your first flight is delayed or canceled, airlines will make arrangement for you to catch next available flight to the transit destination or will wait until for your flight to arrive at the transit destination. In order to fill the connecting flight. Mostly traveler doesn’t know this and ends up buying the cheaper ticket on different airlines and PNR  which makes airline free from any obligation and if you miss your connecting flight due to delay in your first flight airlines can’t be held responsible.

8)Wrong Airport: As a tourist, you never want to be away from your destination once you arrive at the airport but a small mistake of not identifying the correct airport while booking an air ticket can be a spoiler. As most of the cities have multiple airports, always book the ticket after confirming the airport code, not the city.

9)Visa: A license to enter any country indeed, it’s the most important document required to travel abroad given by the concerned embassy in your respective country but booking an air ticket without getting the visa is not a good idea although not in all cases as some countries ask for air tickets with the visa application.

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