Best B2B travel companies in India for start-up.

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Travel is one of most competitive sectors in India but the best part is numbers of travelers are increasing continuously in all spheres inbound, outbound and domestic.This gives reason to all to start their own biz across India.It can be full time or Part time all depends on you, i have shared part-time options in my previous articles you can go ahead and check details theirs.

Travel is service based industry and it’s imperative to provide unrivaled services to your customers in order to retain them with you .So keeping some important aspect of trade, Start-up should always tie up with good & reliable source vendors. Choosing a source vendor is an imperative job and must be done with great precision and always onboard the source vendor after all checks.

Note: B2B or Source vendor will not be a jack of all, instead will have expertise in some particular services and products.


Points need to keep in mind while onboarding  :

Source: From where you have got to know the source vendor, friend, Travel agent or Travel fairs, never go as per random online search.

Presence: If you are start-up always prefer to choose source vendor who has India office and would be better, if it is your own city.

Specialist: Remember source vendor will not be a jack of all services but will be the specialist in 1-5 services or product at max.

Support: Always check what kind of after sales support is available, it is really important for a startup to have robust after sales and ground support. Here start-up reputation is at stake. Prefer to work with one who offers 24 x 7 support.

Credit line: For a start-up, it’s common to face a shortage of funds, try to find the B2b vendor who is ready to offer some credit line to you and I am sure by the time a relationship & trust grows both will be benefitted.

Response Time: Travel sector is dynamic in nature. A start-up should understand for any customized itinerary , source vendor needs at least 1 – 8 hrs to revert based on destination and requirement. For standalone requirements, they can access white label solutions provided by B2B companies.

Before I go-ahead and share the details of top B2B companies you must understand these companies have a forte in a specific domain and not in all, so it will be difficult to share the name of all source vendors due to the big list of travel product.

So let’s get started with the top 3 companies.

Riya – The Travel Expert

In 1980, Riya travels was incorporated with the aim to provide world-class travel experience to the world. With decades of hard work and adherence to ethics and integrity, Riya Group Enterprise has emerged as one of the leading Travel Organizations in India. Spearheaded by Mr.GMJ Thampy, today the company is based at more than 60 locations across India, USA, Canada & GCC with a turnover of nearly Rs.11000 Crores and employing more than 2400 professionals. We have created a niche in travel market that has given us significant standing among our suppliers & clients.

We reckon travelling as a experience in itself hence should be easy and hassle free and so we provide end to end travel services. We are your one stop solution for all your travel requirements likeair tickets, visa, travel insurance, forex and car rentals. We offer customised services as per your need like airport assistance, self booking tools and many such automated travel solutions. We constantly strive to make travelling a one-of-a-kind experience for you and our completely automated travel solutions are just the thing you need.

The turnaround time and deadlines are critical while dealing with travellers. Delivering the perfect solution to the ever changing needs of our clients is our ultimate goal. Our glorious number of clients and their testimonies can testify to that.


The Managing Director, Mr. Arvinder Singh Sethi with experience and membership of various associations is very much a guiding factor. Being one of the leading Travel & Tour companies in B2B, we are always at the service of our valued associates and customers in providing the most professional and personalized services.

With its rich experience in the organization explores newer destinations for the ever growing tourism industry. With years of providing the best travel services, our experts can match the perfect vacation to suit your budget and dedicated to the best hospitality worldwide. Because of all this and a lot more, no wonder that we have often been referred as the finest source for all your travel needs. As a consolidator of Domestic and International Airlines.

SAHIBJI TRAVELS &TOURS (P) LTD. is a professionally managed company, possessing extensive knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in conceptualizing and execution of events, tour packages, group tours, business/ trade delegations, business seminars & conferences with a difference, both in India and across the world. We have put together various teams to help you through everything that you might ever need right from the ticketing to paper work.

We are always putting our client in focus and our keywords in everything are Creativity, Quality, Know How and Value for Money. Sahibji Travels a 24/7 operation that works around the clock, around the world, to fulfill our customer’s travel needs and wants.

VIA was incorporated in February 2007 in Bangalore, India. The Company is one of the fast growing & profitable travel company in Asia’s online space driven by technology, better buying due to demand aggregation & forward cash flows. The Company is a leading distributor of transportation ticketing, accommodation reservation, packaged tours, corporate travel management, travel ancillaries, retail and financial services. VIA offers a comprehensive suite of travel & retail products and growing set of financial services products, provided by 10,000+ suppliers on the platform. The company offers its services through a robust, highly scalable cloud based technology platform consisting of mobile apps, websites, corporate platform, and a centralized, toll-free, 24-hour customer service center.

VIA’s Corporate Travel Management Business unit helps corporate clients effectively manage their travel needs and significantly reduce travel expenses. VIA expanded its footprints to Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and UAE. Today, Via’s network include over 100,000 active travel partners across 2,600 towns and cities & over 13,000 pin codes across Asia and over 7000+ signed SMEs.





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