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Give yourself a retreat this weekend and hit  one of the Cheapest Bars in Delhi. Because Having a good time shouldn’t be proportional to the amount of money you got in your pocket. So, what you’re waiting for for ? Get drunk at cheap rates & experience the wonderful feeling of post- drunk Euphoria.

1.Beer Cafe

All you need to do is to love beer to have a crazy time on a weekend. If you’re tired after work & wanna have your favourite beer, then this is the right place for you. The Bar looks more like that of a beautiful cafe which is so comforting for one’s soul. Beer Cafe has got all kinds of beer you could ever see & taste. So enjoy the evening with a Chilled Beer in one hand & some delicious Indian appetizers.

Price for two: ₹ 1500

Location : C-12, SDA Market,

Hauz Khas, New Delhi

2. Harry’s Bar

Harry’s Bar is a hidden gem, with the perfect atmosphere and ambience to have a private peaceful evening while taking a sip of liquor of your choice. Hookahs will add more to this place’s charm & will give you a relaxing feeling to your taste buds. Enjoy the variety of gorgeous alcohols on the menu with some yummy starters and have a chill weekend.

Price for two: ₹ 1700

Location : Shop 62, 2nd Floor,

Khan Market, New Delhi

3.  Lanterns Kitchen & Bar

This place will be perfect to hit with a  huge group of friends what you call a gang. The interiors of the Kitchen & Bar setting is a gorgeous view to look at. The prices will not make a hole in your pocket it is one of the Cheapest Bar in Delhi. and you can still intake a wide range of liquor & fill your belly with mocktails, cocktails & spirits. The famous drinks apart from liquor you must try is the Pina colada and Mango Basil Freezer. Go out & feel the fresh air of the Lanterns Bar.

Price for two: ₹ 1200

Location : Rajindra Bhawan,

163/164, Near Rachna Picture Hall,

Rajendra Place, New Delhi

4. The Chatter House

The Chatter House is one of the best places where you can munch on splendid appetizers along loads of liquor while playing Picolo’s Game. The food & cocktails served are international modern themed. The bar has got various offer on different days of the week, therefore you can take plenty of sips of your favourite drink. Aam Panna Vodka & Green Tea Bourbon Cooler are the famous drinks worth dying for.

Price for two: ₹ 2600

Location : Lower Ground Floor,

Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi

5. Summer House Cafe

The open terrace lounge, Summer House Cafe is a place to spend the night the right way. The beautiful lights & the open terrace cafeteria themed bar will gibe you chills. Just Dance to the beats of the electro- music nights on the weekends & drink plenty of liquor cause the night is still young. The affordable menu of cocktails is a must try. Mai Tai is what you must order if you’re experimental about trying new drinks.

Price for two: ₹ 1800

Location : DDA Shopping Complex,

1st Floor, Aurobindo Place Road,

Hauz Khas, New Delhi

6. Beeryani Bar

Beer & Biryani, isn’t it the best combination one can ever have ? Fir the love of Beer, Let’s cheers on a couple of our favourite beers.You’ll find the best biryanihere which you can enjoy along with the beer you fancy. The premium beer bucket will only cost you around Rs 600, the place is cheaper than any of the bars in Delhi. For all beer lovers, they have your standard beers starting as low as INR 100 well that’s dam cheap , do you agree ?. You can pick between a mug, pitcher or, if you’re feeling adventurous, the tower.

Price for two : ₹ 700

Location : C-2, SDA Market, Opp. IIT Main Gate, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

7. Howlers Bar

This place is the place where you can drink while being in your home like comfort zone it is not of the cheapest bar in it’s catergory . Being here & drinking feels like being home along with your gang with no shame; cracking up jokes & sharing embarrassing stories. You can bring your own liquor in, or ask your server to run across and buy it for you. The warmth of this beautiful place with red brick walls will make a permanent space in your heart. So Don’t stop & keep drinking the best brews.

Price for two : ₹ 1500

Location : 1, Yadav Market,

Ardee City, Gurgaon

8. Espace Terrace Bar Kitchen

The Espace Terrace Bar is a good option for cheap & good quality liquor. The music turns your mood on & give you *Shake your body* vibes. The outdoor seating is a refreshing corner to sit & chill out for a great evening.
It is one of the Cheapest Bar in Delhi. This little bar is set up with Bollywood & Sufi music to give your ears a good time. It is the ultimate hub for you & your friends or your special someone to spend the night drinking one of the best liquors.

Price for two: ₹ 1700

Location : R-2, Level 2, DLF Galleria,

DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

9. Cafe MRP

Cafe MRP, by its name provides you with the best alcohol at MRP rates. If you’re young & want to hangout at your *Adda*, then this place is perfect for catching up after work and downing a few mugs of beer. For the love of Italian Cuisine & Pizzas, do visit the bar for the best Margheritas available.
. It is one of the Cheapest Bar in Delhi & I guaranty, your evening will be well spent & will surely fill your heart with love for this place, if you hit here for a few lovely mouth watering drinks.

Price for two : ₹ 1000

Location : 1st Floor, C-39,

Opposite Odeon Cinema,

Connaught Place, New Delhi

10. Bombay Bar, CP

This Bollywood theme bar, Bombay Bar is a heaven for the Bollywood lovers who love to dance to the rhythm of Bollywood item numbers & classic pop themed songs. All you need to do is get your gang together and head over. A spacious and friendly bar, perfect for girls night out or family outing as well. If you’re in mood to have some enticing Indian Street food, order the famous Pav bhaji they serve here. Have a good time having cheap drinks & amazingly delicious food at Bombay Bar. And feel the vibes of the Bombay town. It is one of the Cheapest Bar in Delhi.

Price for two : ₹ 1600

Location : P-21/90, 1st & 2nd Floor,

Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

The best day for the girls gang to hit the bar is the Girls Night Out Day of the Bar. The Women safety in the bars & in public are often compromised. But the above mentioned bars ensure the safety & discourage any activity that breaches their comfort & security. The government’s ‘112’ helpline project, a single emergency number for the citizens of India is being implemented & under process of coming in force.

It is designed especially for women, one just need to dial ‘112’ on the phone or press the power button of a smart phone three times quickly to send a panic call to the Emergency Response Centre to access Emergency Services.

Shoutout to all the ladies all there, Don’t you worry & be Eveready to chill out on any day of the week, be it in the most crowded places, Just Be assured that you’re not alone. Because Why should boys have all the fun ?

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