As we always quote in our articles, the new age id the age of travel and tourism startups. And with their numbers and sizes  increasing day by day, it must be kept in mind, to rise to the top of the all in the travel and  tourism startup industry, it is very imperative to start taking the steps from the root level. In other words, the foremost thing that you need to achieve in order to make your startup get well ahead of all other travel startups is to create a positive and holistic culture in your  travel startup.

The benefits of a positive work environment are immense: Creativity, productivity and happiness prevail while levels of stress, pressure, tension, negativity, if any, drop down by huge amounts.

So, in today’s issue, we  bring to you the following tips to enable that you and your teammates create a very positive and very evergreen atmosphere for yourselves and your travel startup to thrive in:

Benefits of a positive work environment :

Always have gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most solve providing acts that a man can do for others. Not only does it encourage your teammates to work even harder but also, makes them confident and happy about having done a good job. This all in turn enhances their productivity and efficiency.

Starting with gratitude in any professional situation sets appreciation and appraisal which will float around all across the organization, sending positive vibes everywhere.

Safe and secure environment

There is nothing more detrimental than toxicity and negativity in a professional environment. It grabs the throat of new ideas and stifles collaboration amongst the coworkers. Incorporating a safe work environment means eliminating negative personalities so as to promote a healthy culture throughout your travel startup.

Being organised is the key

This implies that before pinpointing others, you must make sure that your work is completely sorted and you leave no mess behind for your workers to compile up. As a leader, you should respect and value others time and their efforts as  well. When we aren’t respectful of our coworkers time, we are contributing to a negative workplace environment.

Create opportunities, eliminate problems

Encourage your  team that what when you face any difficult situation, it’s not a problem; it’s an opportunity to reflect, analyze and evaluate so that next time, you get a lesson and do things better. Making your team smile by bringing such moments and encouragements to the situation can quickly lighten a very highly stress and negativity  charged room.



It’s an age long fact that  consistency is the key for any organisation, rather than being distracted by the latest professional culture craze like the upcoming culture of flex hours, uncountable leaves, bringing pets to the workplace etc etc. Although change can be healthy, but if that alteration is disrupting work or productivity levels, it  can be detrimental and affect the  balance of your organization.

Encourage positive thinking

As a leader you should always strive to proactively encourage your workers to think positivity and ooze it out in their work and their actions as well. Even when things seem to be getting out of hand or your team didn’t achieve the result they expected, positive thinking will eventually cultivate positive outcomes. Try to set up weekly, monthly and yearly positive intentions as a group, this will surely help to align and assemble your team united and ensure that everyone is facing the same vision and mission.

Important over urgent

As the leader, you behave as the glue that binds the whole organisation together , thus, you must ensure proper connections and bonds with all the workers. Without this, your travel startup business can spiral down and lead to the birth of negative, disconnected atmosphere and relations amongst all. Rescheduling would be fine but just don’t let urgent deadlines and tasks superpower the important conversations you must have from time to time with your entire team, both personally and collectively.

Enforce Work/Life Balance

Most employees want to do a good job and be a productive member of the company. No one wants emerge out the weakest member so they will put in all the time they can, but working that many hours continuously each week quickly leads to employee fatigue and losing interest in the work eventually. An employee should not have to sacrifice their sanity or family or anything they love/value for a job. Thus, you must ensure that establish a proper work and life balance.

Diversity and varsity

To ensure that you have  a varied skill set amongst your team mates and also, to promote  a healthy work environment you must aim at hiring a diverse and well varied workforce.


All employees want to have  and definitely, they deserve too transparency. So, it is your job to ensure that there is transparency on salaries, business decisions, company growth, job performance, and so much more.

And thus, with all these ingredients combined together, you can cent percent pave the way for a very healthy, comprehensive and positive work environment in your travel startup, the benefits of which are immense and great!


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