How to get group rates from Hotels in India

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Hotel is the most important component of any travel journey and makes, around 40 percent of the cost of travel. It’s a commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services. In simple terms, it’s a home for the tourist on a travel journey.Hotels offer basic to luxurious facilities and amenities based on the kind of hotel booked. As a startup, you can take rates for your client from B2B portals, Travel websites, hotel consolidators or Hotel directly itself but out of all, I would like to share the best way to get the group hotel rates for your client in this article.So let’s understand how hotels sales work and process to get group rates of a hotel.

Hotels also have the business development, sales and marketing teams working hard to sell more room nights, they are looking for social groups, samaj, small-scale enterprise or big multinational company group movement queries from the source directly or via travel agents. In case of group movement, travel start-up should directly deal with the revenue manager, sales manager or director sales for the best deal for his client.TA  should also call the sales manager to his office to negotiate further on payment and price if you are confident of closing the deal.

But it’s not that easy to close a group query because you compete with many other companies and hotel can make a smart move in the favour of other company by offering the better rates.

So what to do in such case?

  • Arrange the meeting with the sales team of the prefered hotel by the client before the competition does.
  • Take Hotel staff in Confidence.
  • Try to speak to the director of sales for special rates.
  • Always arrange the rate of another property in the similar category as back up.

The process to get group rates for the Hotel :

  • Locate the sales office of the hotel via google and call.
  • Email the requirement to the sales manager, along with the company profile and details.
  • You will receive the costing in the email shortly.

Bottom Line: Give regular sales to handpicked hotels in respective locations in order to enjoy great deals always and need not contact consolidators and online web portals for group query because this will open scope for them to earn and your cost will be on higher side.


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