How to get Last Minute International Airfare

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Summer vacation is the time when Indians take vacations; from adult to young, everybody wants to go on a vacation to their dream destination. But, everyone has a choice and preference when it comes to deciding which place to visit, and the job gets tough when it comes to deciding that perfect holiday destination and other things, which leads in delay at finalizing the vacation. And in travel business, this sort of delay can mean that you might need to shell out more money for your vacation because the more you delay the prices will rise. So what to do if you started late?

Firstly, be prepared to work harder on finding right deals and be a little flexible for your travel plan. This will help you in searching the best for your upcoming vacation. So let’s get started and understand how Air Blocks can help you in finding last minute deals.

Before I go in depth, let me explain  what is Air Block? 

When a tour operator or a travel agent buys fixed number of air seats for a specific destination, on a fixed date, in advance from the airline at amazing price, to sell on high season dates, it is called Air Blocks.

                                                                               Benefits of Air Blocks 

Benefits of Air Blocks


Great Price

Difficult to find
                                        Good Timings                                            Fixed Date
Good Airlines

Non Refundable


Many B2C travel companies buy air blocks for the summer season in advance to offer Holiday packages at rock bottom prices, when tailor made holidays can burn hole in your pocket. If you are able to get the air block of your dream destination than you will save approx 25 % to 35 % on air fare and you can fly to your dream destination at regular fare.

So how to get your air block ?

It’s simple, firstly you need to decide your destination and the number of nights you want to stay. Check for the availability of Air Blocks with the Business to Customer companies like Makemytrip, Akbar Travel, Yatra, transglobal and even small local travel agents for the same. Sometimes companies denies for the air blocks or compels the customer to buy complete holiday package. In that case you should buy it from local or small travel agent who will sell it without any condition.

Note: Small agents buy from big agents and sell it to the customers on small margins and offer great service.


1) Decide destination — 2) Contact the Company — 3) Ask for the air block  and details — 4) Make payment to the company.

Common destinations for which you can buy air blocks from India are THAILAND, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE, DUBAI & BALI.

Note: Ticket is issued 3 days prior to the departure.


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