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Puducherry aka Pondicherry, one of the most popular beach towns of South India,is all set to add yet another feather to its cap. As per the latest reports, to promote underwater tourism in Pondicherry, a minesweeper vehicle, INS Cuddalore, will be deployed in the seabed 7 km from the coast of Puducherry in waters maximum 26 m in depth. The minesweeper hasserved for more than 30, 000 nautical miles in the last 30 years till now. The Indian Navy has consented to give away the minesweeper so as to promote tourism. It will set a record by becoming the first underwater museum that would allow sea divers to visit the site.

This planned development will be instrumental in enhancing the marine biodiversity of the beach and in giving a major impetus to the fishing as well travel and tourism industry. Once the marine organisms will begin arriving at the underwater museum site, life forms at different levels will be present for the tourists to witness.

The Indian Navy has agreed to donate INS Cuddalore in order to promote tourism.Besides, focus can be given in promoting underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. To accomplish this, a passage for the divers will be made. INS Cuddalore is quite a massive vessel measuring 12 m (width) and 60 m(length). On the sea surface, the concerned authorities are planning to deploy 3 m radius water buoys that will help in taking visitors for boat rides.

With such developments taking place in the country, be sure to make Pondicherry a must visit place in your list!

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