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An itinerary is a travel plan that includes every information like the route of travel, distance and time taken to travel to a place, means of transport that will be used, any activity or sightseeing at a particular place for every tourist to follow while on a tour.

An itinerary is followed by every tourist irrespective of it being a customized, independent or escorted tour.

It helps a tourist stick to the plan and enjoy the tour thoroughly.

Itineraries are divided into three types: On The basis of Use

1. Tourist itinerary is the one given to every tourist by the tour company for which they have signed up. It has a basic outline of the tour and what will be done day wise, hour wise for everyone to follow through.

2. Tour conductor’s/Manager’s itinerary will have all the details that are on the tourist’s itinerary, but it will also have the minutest details like details of travel arrangements, contact name, and numbers of the people associated with the tour plan, other tour related formalities, etc.

3. Tour Escort’s itinerary is a detailed one giving step-by-step information of the tour including the time taken to travel, modes of transport taken, accommodation details, sightseeing details, any tickets needed, list of other essential things to carry on the tour like water, food, brochures etc, essential contact name and numbers required on tour etc.

Apart from these, the service-specific itinerary is given to the hotels having all the details of the guest and their basic travel details needed for any kind of arrangements to be done at the hotel, and to the associated transport company providing coaches or cars for the tourists.

Itineraries are divided into two types: On The basis of  Kind of Travel package.

1. GIT: A Group Inclusive Tour itinerary means the customer will be a part of the group and all inclusions will be same for all the travelers. Such itineraries are generally hectic and involve more of travel & less of rest. The idea is to cover more sightseeing in less time. Such itineraries are done by Bus which is on sharing basis.

2.FIT: A Free Individual Tour itinerary is a tailor-made itinerary which a traveler plans for himself or with the help of the travel agent. The itinerary is relaxed and focus is to keep traveler relaxed while he is on tour. Such itineraries are done by private vehicle.

A Travel itinerary can be one destination or combination of more. It’s always better to understand your reason and then plan any kind of travel. In India, you can find both the kinds of itinerary available with the travel agents.