India now has an all new tourist destination, the Supreme Court of India. Now the tour around the supreme Court of India, one of the first major buildings built in post-independent India is possible. The project to start the tour in the premises of Supreme Court was launched by Ranjan Gogoi, the Chief Justice of India to promote the understanding of the legal structure amongst the people so that they respect & have faith in it even more.




The Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial forum and final court of appeal under the Constitution of India, the highest constitutional court, with the power of judicial review. Consisting of the Chief Justice of India and a maximum of 30 other judges, it has extensive powers in the form of original, appellate and advisory jurisdictions.


It was established 81 years ago on 1st October 1937 as the Federal Court of India. After Indian Independence, on 28th January 1950 it was later named as the Supreme Court of India. The court’s main wing was designed in an Indo-British style by architect Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar back in 1958.


The building is shaped to symbolize scales of justice with its centre-beam being the Central Wing of the building comprising the chief justice’s court, the largest of the courtrooms, with two court halls on either side.It has a 27.6 m high dome and a spacious colonnaded verandah. The Right Wing of the structure has the bar – room, the offices of the Attorney General of India and other law officers and the library of the court. The Left Wing has the offices of the court. In all, there are 15 courtrooms in the various wings of the building.


The Supreme Court of India now has been added to the list of museums in Delhi, and tours can be conducted between 10 AM to 1 PM every day, except on Saturdays and declared holidays. The tour will be conducted by a guide, who will take 20 visitors in a single batch.

There are a set of rules that need to be followed by visitors coming into the court. These include no smoking, or bringing eatables or tobacco items within the premises is also banned;  cameras and backpacks are not permitted. It is also advised that the visitors maintain decorum within the premises of the Supreme Court of India as it is the highest legal authority of the nation. In no instance should the dignity of the court be tampered with during the visits.


The court can be visited after you have booked online on for the tour. You will be able to see the court in two sections. While the first one is all about the development of Judiciary in India and the second section is about the Federal Court, and the Supreme Court. The galleries here will take you through the history of Indian judiciary, while one will also get a look into the souvenirs, ceremonial costumes, and more. Some interesting records of famous cases such as the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi are also present here for all to see.







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