As we stated in our article on Low cost marketing ideas for travel startups dated 20 November, 2018, selling and marketing if both done correctly can be an immense boon for your business’s net income. However, doing it wrong would be the biggest blunder that you can do for the future of your travel startup. Because travel startup entrepreneurs have to be on their toes for their startup business 24*7, it can be difficult for them to master all the nuances that go into sales or marketing. And in this company is world of travel and tourism startup industry, where such small and new travel startups are sprouting up more and more as the country advances to progress and development, not being a natural salesperson can be even disastrous for your travel startup.

 But, as we always ensure you, fear not for we are here with the  following few marketing and selling tips for travel startups which can help you make more sales, market better and splurge lesser and lesser amounts of money:

1. Sell the boons and benefits
Marketing is mainly about highlighting what features you have that give you the competitive edge over  other fellow startups. After all, in this plethora of so many startup business being rivals  with such less margins, why should a customer prefer you ultimately?
Three aspects to keep in mind regarding this are as follows:

  • Cost (you know how to price a product better than the competition)
  • Quality (you’re better)
  • A combination thereof (you offer the better value)

Here comes into play a small difference between selling and marketing, when you that you provide a product or service that is cheaper or more effective than that of another business, but it doesn’t say how much better you are going to make the customer’s life. And this  is exactly what you’ll  be aiming at in order to boost the sales of your startup. Selling is all about the benefit. Comparisons with other startups may highlight the features which you offer, but when it boils down to selling, you are always doing that with regards to the benefits you offer.

2. Listening for understanding
As the key pillar in determining and steering the whole efforts of the organisation into working for the improvements and enhancements in the sales of your startup, you must keep in mind this golden mantra. As the leader  you must listen to your customers, and the result will definitely emerge out to be one of the largest, and powerful organisations working in the travel and tourism industry. The customer may at times defy logic, but they are always right. Thus, always make it a point to listen to them for better understanding of their tastes, preferences and feedbacks.

3. Market your product before it’s ready
Quite a few startups wait until their product is perfect before they do any marketing or awareness campaigning. However, if no one knows about it, then demand will start at zero until you undergo a marketing campaign to build brand awareness for potential customers.
Therefore, it’s always better and preferred to do some awareness campaigning before the launch of your product, to let potential customers know your product is coming. You can sell the benefit before the product has arrived. This way as soon as the product gets ready and gets launched, you already have a customer base waiting for it!

4. Think outside the box.
Today in this digitised era, startups can utilize a multitude of free, online marketing techniques that are creative and effective as well very pocket friendly as compared to other methods. For example, with the help of video marketing, social media, blog influencers, crowdsourcing, competitions, content marketing, thought leadership and many more, the amount with which your sales  would improve would be very significant.

5. Measures and tests

When you’re about to commit time and money to a marketing campaign, make sure you can measure the results.this can be done by setting up ways and measures to track conversions that take root from each marketing campaign. In addition to this, run multiple types of marketing campaigns in distinct, small batches. All this, would allow you to test and check what marketing channels turn out to  be the best and decide on the most effective one.

6.  Advertise 360°
When your customer hears you on the radio, sees you in a search engine result, and then finds you mentioned in a blog they like (content marketing), they tend to place trust and confidence in the authenticity of your startup. When they’ll be looking out for  a product which you also sell, that suits their needs, your name would spring to their mind as easy as anything.

7.  PR matters
When you do PR marketing, or have a member of the press or a media house that covers your industry talk about you, it’s brand building and endorsement which builds consumer confidence and credibility. Added benefit of this is widespread consumer awareness about your startup and product as well.

8. Feedback space
By providing a place on your site for exchange of communication between your startup and it’s customers, you can ensure a much better sales and a steady customer base ready at hand, all the times.

9. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Word-of-mouth testimonials and customers who are brand advocates are better than any sales team you could put together, as we have stated in our previous articles as well . So, you must ensure reward customers with competitive pricing, incredible customer support and automatic updates to enhance the software that is associated to your startup.

This being said, with the above 9 tips in mind and also, in execution, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see by how much the sales of your travel startup go up. Thus, if you wish to see your travel startup rise to the top, adopt these much effective techniques to improve your travel startup’s sales.

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