Top 10 equity investors in India


As the start up industry emerges as the most sought after and desirable sector by the new age millennials today, the question of ‘who actually invests in them’ arises. Because, most of all, capital is the real backbone of any business. So, to enlighten you more on the top 10 equity investors in the country suitable for start ups, here we bring to you a bucket list of such groups:


Helion Venture Partners

Helion Ventures Partners is a $605 million Indian origin, an early to mid-stage venture fund that indulges in future rounds of financing parallel to other venture partners, and invests typically in consumer services businesses.Investment Structure: Invests between $2 Million to $10 Million in each company.


Accel Partners

Originated in 1983, this firm has a worldwide presence in Palo Alto, London , New York, China and India. Multi-stage investments in internet technology companies are where investments are typically made by this firm. Investment Structure: Invests between $0.5 Million and $50 Million.


Blume Ventures

Blume Venture Advisor invests in budding, early-stage seed, startups, pre-series A, series B and late stage investments. It provides funding along with active mentoring and support.Investment Structure: Provides seed funding investments between $0.05 Mn – $0.3 Mn.


Sequoia Capital India

Sequoia Capital India invests mainly in startup seed, early, mid, late, expansion, public and growth stage companies.Investment Structure: Invests between $100,000 and $1 Mn in seed stage, between $1 Mn and $10 Mn in early stage and between $10 Mn and $100 Mn in growth stage companies.


Nexus Venture Partners

This is a venture capital firm investing in early stage and growth stage startups across diverse sectors in India. Investment Structure: Invests between $0.5 Mn and $10 Mn.


Inventus Capital Partners

Inventus is a venture capital fund managed itself by entrepreneurs and industry-operating veterans.Investment Structure: Invests in the first venture round with $1 Mn to $2 Mn and as the businesses grow, it invests from $0.25 Mn up to $10 Mn.


IDG Ventures India

IDG Ventures India is a top notch India-focused technology venture capital fund specializing in startups, early stage, growth stage and expansion stage companies.Investment Structure: Invests between $1 Mn and $10 Mn.


Fidelity Growth Partners India

Ever since 2008, FGPI has made several investments across sectors including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Consumer and Manufacturing. Investment Structure: Invests between $10 Mn and $50 Mn for a minority stake in the company.


Steadview Capital Management

Steadview a Hong Kong based firm, makes concentrated long-term investments across multiple industries and sectors in the nation.Investment Structure: N/A


Intel Capital

The firm mainly aims at mergers, acquisitions, and equity investments revolving around tech startups. As of today, it has invested $10.7 Bn in over 1,250 companies in 52 countries. Investment Structure: Invest between $300 Mn and $500 Mn per year.



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